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    Company News

    From excellence to excellence, Senyuan strives for quality award

    2015/4/10 15:50:28
    Senyuan Furniture actively participates in the mayor’s quality award review, which helps to establish an integrated organizational governance model, and continues to improve in a targeted manner, achieving multiple value pursuits; helping to operate in accordance with international quality standards and enhance international competitiveness.

    Senyuan won the honor of the 2013 Guangdong furniture market integrity and self-discipline demonstration enterprise

    2015/4/10 15:49:53
    Integrity-based, service market, Senyuan furniture dare to be the first, dare to be the pioneer of the industry, and win the honor of self-discipline and demonstrative enterprise in successive years. Every Senyuan person will continue to maintain the good work style of honesty and integrity, and open up a broader and heroic The road to integrity development.

    Eco-environment, sustainable development, Hesenyuan Furniture passed FSC COC certification

    2015/4/10 15:35:39
    As a huge furniture manufacturer, Senyuan adheres to the core spirit of FSC. Enterprises not only pay attention to their own development profits, but also take into account the interests of society. This also makes Senyuan rely on the sustainable development of society for many years.

    The fifteenth Guangzhou International Building Decoration Expo, Senyuan furniture gorgeous debut

    2015/4/10 15:33:02
    Senyuan Furniture Group, the leading company in China’s hotel furniture industry, will soon be honored as the world’s top custom furniture expert, leading the audience to experience the top style and feel the unlimited enjoyment of Senyuan’s high quality life!
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