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    Company News

    Quality + Brand I am at = you are coming! Senyuan Furniture 3.28 Guangzhou International Furniture Fair Invitation

    2017/3/18 0:00:00
    The 39th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair The 39th China International FurnitureFair (Guangzhou) Phase II: March 28-31, Senyuan Furniture 1.2 Hall C01

    [Senyuan strength witness] China's first seven-star hotel

    2017/1/9 0:00:00
    [Dubai, sailing, sampan, gold] This is the key word for everyone to talk about the seven-star hotel. That’s right, the world’s first seven-star hotel in Dubai, because it is long like a sailboat, is called a seven-star sailing hotel.

    Senyuan won the "Quality Award" of Quanzhou Municipal Government

    2016/4/30 15:54:04
    In April this year, in Quanzhou City, the National Quality City Model City Mobilization Conference and the 2016 City Quality Supervision Work Conference were held. Senyuan Furniture (stock code: 000663) won the third Quanzhou Municipal Government Quality Award. Following another weight quality award since winning the Nanan Quality Award in 2015. This is not only the Quanzhou government’s enthusiasm for the custom furniture industry - Senyuan furniture, but also the brilliant testimony of Senyuan’s 20 years of quality pursuit!

    International reputation affects the Quartet Canada Toronto Investment Promotion Agency visited Senyuan

    2015/8/7 8:45:08
    Mr. Li Bingzeng expressed his gratitude to Ms. Terrie O’Leary for her speech: “Thanks to the recognition of the Toronto government, Senyuan has created classic cases such as Hilton Hotels, Royal Fairmont Toronto, and Hyatt Regency Toronto in the Toronto market. The land is also well understood. We are happy to plan to expand overseas. With the addition of branches in Dubai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Malaysia in 2015, Toronto will immediately become our next major city. Toronto is rich in resources and economically developed. Step by step, I hope that in the near future, I will be able to set up factories under the support of your government, and use Toronto as a starting point to shoot long-term European and American markets and achieve win-win development across borders!"

    High-quality export Continuation of the legendary Senyuan Furniture is rated as an excellent furniture export enterprise

    2015/8/7 8:32:01
    With excellent product quality, Senyuan’s services are spread all over the world and have been exported to the Middle East, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, India, Israel, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, In Italy, the Netherlands, Egypt and other international markets, many international classic cases have enabled Senyuan to continuously innovate in product export, and sales have been greatly improved year by year. It is a pioneer in the hotel furniture industry and has further influence in the domestic and foreign markets. force.
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