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    Company News

    Independent research and development, technological innovation, Senyuan's road to patent development, and won seven honorary certificates.

    2015/4/10 15:32:29
    Over the years, Senyuan has always adhered to technological innovation, taking the road of independence and achieving good results. In 2013, the company once again grasped the patent application work, led by the Marketing Center Marketing Department, and the three bases of the human resources administration department and the technical department, the process research and development department, and the production center cooperated to complete 50 patent projects, including 30 appearance patents. There are 15 utility model patents and 5 invention patents. After the unified deployment of the headquarters, the three major bases are actively launching patent applications.

    Senyuan won the safety production standardization certificate

    2015/4/10 15:32:05
    Safety responsibility is more important than Taishan. Senyuan Furniture plans to declare the first level of safety production standardization to meet the overall development needs of the company, continuously increase investment in all aspects of safety production, improve safety production conditions, standardize safety production management, and improve Safety production level, strengthen the overall safety production standardization construction.

    Senyuan Furniture joined the 9th China International Cultural Fair Yanmeng Hotel Industrial Park Branch

    2015/4/10 15:31:34
    As one of the important participating enterprises of this expo, Senyuan Furniture Group from the marketing center of Senyuan Furniture Group, Mr. Jiao Haitao, brought the sincere blessings of the company’s Su Zong and Li to the leaders of the industry at all levels, and introduced them in a refined atmosphere. The Senyuan Furniture Group won warm applause from the scene.

    APEC and Senyuan - President Obama stays in villa furniture supplier

    2015/4/10 15:30:55
    ??In order to provide President Obama with a comfortable environment, Senyuan Furniture provided the entire furniture for the villa of Yanqi Lake No. 5, where President Obama stayed. This is another furniture project that Senyuan shares after the Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

    Nanan government rewards Senyuan for the second place in management innovation enterprise

    2015/4/10 15:30:21
    Since the first batch of Senyuan was awarded the Quanzhou Management Innovation Demonstration Enterprise this year, the Nan’an Municipal Government has once again passed the three-month review. In April 2013, Senyuan Hotel Furniture Group was named the 2012 Nanan Innovation Award Management Innovation Class. Two, and can enjoy the government reward of 100,000 yuan.
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